"Was it worth it?" w/Retired Green Beret, MSG Juan Mata


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The closest many people ever get to Afghanistan is turning on the TV and watching events unfold as America tries to fully disengage from the conflict we've been fighting for 20 years. From this viewpoint, many Americans form opinions about whether or not we should have stayed or exited like the Biden Administration did in recent weeks. This week we get the perspective of someone who has actually been there, multiple times, and has trained the Afghan military special forces in an attempt to keep their government from collapsing. Ret. MSG Mata goes through his experience in Special Forces and the mission America has had there for several presidencies. While we didn't spend much time assigning blame, you'll find his explanation of what the outcome would have been if we had a different president.
Guest Bio:
Retired Master Sergeant Juan Mata, served in the Green Berets for 14 years, and before that was a Ranger, and an Infantryman. He now runs a company called Quiet Pro Tactical, an organization dedicated to giving back to local communities and teaches law enforcement to be better protectors for their citizens. Juan Mata, the Principal Instructor, a former 14-year Green Beret Combat Veteran. He has numerous combat deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan. His qualifications include Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller, Technical Surveillance, Counter-surveillance, and U.S. Army Ranger School.
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