Season 3 - Epilogue: A Sort of Ending


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Everything must end but with each end comes a new beginning. Thank you for listening! Thank you for all your love and support! Tooth be with you, fuzz be praised. See you one day far away in the next universe! Created by Jonathan Goldberg and Matt roi Berger recorded, mixed, sound designed and edited by Martin D Fowler To learn more visit us at: Some sounds used within this episode came from Special thanks to our backers, patrons, fans, and loved ones! To Nick, Marcus, Martin, all the cast and crew. We couldn't have done it with out you all! Special thanks to the Buddy Project for their space! I could spend all day thanking everyone from Kellie to Melissa and beyond. You all are amazing. From a dumb dream to make a musical podcast to it actually happening. Wow. What a trip!

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