Season 3 - Episode 12: The Brain at the End of the Universe


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Previously on Our Dumb Universe. Fuzzo sacrificed himself so that Sondra, Pangla, Bloor, and Dankent could escape on the Fartknocker which now has the spirit of Prof Y inside of it. They’re heading to the Ur-Brain at the center of the Universe to bring back Earth and fix what has gone wrong. Will they achieve this goal? What is to be done? By you? Listen to this – the final episode – episode 12: The Brain at the End of the Universe. Created by Jonathan Goldberg and Matt roi Berger recorded, mixed, sound designed and edited by Martin D Fowler To learn more visit us at: Some sounds used within this episode came from Thank you so much for listening! We hope you enjoyed it! And stay tuned next week for our final Epilogue! Special congrats to Maeve on her engagement! Tooth and Fuzz to you both! Huzzah!

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