049: Uncover Your Money Blocks & Grow Your Creativity & Wealth with Polly Alexandre


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Polly Alexandre started her professional career in the fashion industry, but that was just the beginning... She soon realised that as much as she loved fashion, perhaps the job she was doing wasn't the right one for her. Perhaps there were other ways n which she can be creative and earn a living.

With every new job she got, she faced mindset blocks, and overcoming them for herself catapulted her into becoming a success coach to other creatives and helping them succeed just as she had.

Episode Notes:

In this fascinating episode discover more about:

  • How Polly got in and out of the fashion industry;
  • How she got featured in Martha Stewart magazine as a wedding photographer;
  • How she became a success coach for creative entrepreneurs and what it means to be one;
  • What are the most common money blocks creatives face -
  • How your DNA is affected by past ancestral stories we bring into this lifetime;
  • ...and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • When we shift what we believe we are worthy of we attract opportunities and money.
  • If you change what you think feel and believe about money - that’s when things change for the better.
  • Money is always available
  • Learn how to handle different opinions and criticism. One in 10 people will just not like you - so learn to believe in yourself, strengthen your self worth and focus on the things that are working
  • The world needs more creative people. They bring richness, beauty, and wealth to the world.
  • Take a stand for the “AND”


Connect with Polly via:

Instagram: @polly_alexandre

Website: https://www.pollyalexandre.com/

Get Polly's freebie: https://bit.ly/E49freebie

About the Podcast Host:

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