Sleepy Hollow – The Weeping Lady (Ep 2.05)


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It’s Crane on the Brain as the Sleepy Pink Cast reviews the meh episode of jealous ex girlfriends and fridging x2.

We break down the real reason the mug of microaggressions doomed Ms. Caroline, Ichabod’s Starbucks name, as well as Katrina’s ineffective writing style and more effective murdering style.

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow: Go Where I Send Thee

Fat Pink Cast goes to New York ComicCon and asks questions at the Sleepy Hollow fan panel! Ichabod and Abbie drive, and the Pied Piper makes lots of noises.

What up next:

More Sleepy Hollow including next week’s episode. We’ll be tracking the entire season of Sleepy Hollow and ringing in the midseason break with a very special Outlander episode! Also, possibly some Game of Thrones updates *cringe*

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