Episode 47: Rhett Davis of Morgion, Gravehill, Stygian Crown


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Rhett takes us back to his early days and drum influences, discovering death metal in the late 80s, the rise and demise of Morgion, the sheer, loose joy of Gravehill, and delving into traditional doom terrain with Stygian Crown. He shares stories from along the way as well as some rich perspectives about interpersonal relationships and band dynamics, growing and maturing and dealing with conflicts, and the intangible alchemy or synergy that can only happen with certain specific people at certain specific times. https://stygiancrown.bandcamp.com/ https://gravehill666.bandcamp.com/ https://morgion.bandcamp.com/album/the-relapse-collection closing music: Black Sabbath - After All (the Dead) fathomingheavy@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/fathomingheavy/?hl=en facebook.com/fathomingheavy twitter.com/FathomingHeavy

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