Episode 49: Martin Wegeland of Domkraft


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Martin takes us back to his early years growing up in a small Swedish town, discovering metal, hanging out with kids who eventually became well-known players in the Swedish metal scene, experimenting with different forms of heavy and noisy music until forming Domkraft and the release of Domkraft’s brilliant new LP “Seeds”. Along the way we discuss the pros and cons of horror films on VHS vs. Blu-ray, whether cds are going to make a come-back, and the broken wonder that is Mark Lanegan. https://domkraft.bandcamp.com/musics closing music: Screaming Trees - I've Seen You Before fathomingheavy@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/fathomingheavy/?hl=en facebook.com/fathomingheavy twitter.com/FathomingHeavy

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