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My guest today is Nathalie Des Rosiers - the Principal of Massey College, at the University of Toronto. She is a former member of the Provincial Parliament for Ottawa-Vanier, and prior to entering politics, was the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Common law sector at the University of Ottawa (2013-2016). More recently, Nathalie was selected as a 2020 mentor with the prestigious Trudeau Foundation.

In addition to these impressive roles - and many more that we discuss in the interview, she has received the Order of Canada, and the Order of Ontario!

At 17:13 hear Nathalie Des Rosiers share some important wisdom about applying ourselves

"I applied to many jobs that I did not get, I call that the back of the CV... ya know the front of the CV is all the great things... you need to have applied to others things that you can't get. And you can't get a front of the CV unless you have a back of the CV. So, you apply, you get an interview... or not, but when you get interviewed you learn from that process... but I remember the first time that I applied to something that was a little bit beyond my reach... it's because a guy in my class had applied for this, and I thought, if he applied... why shouldn't I? It was my sense of... he has confidence, why don't I? And then pushed myself a little bit to do it."

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