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My guest today is Catherine Cano - Founder and CEO of Canovision. So much has happened in her career since she joined me on show back in 2019, when she was the CEO of CPAC.

In this episode Catherine talks about leadership in times of crisis, through her experiences as a fearless COO of a large global organization. We also discuss what the future of work needs to look like, as more people are vaccinated around the world, and slowly some countries are beginning to open up. It's great to think about the lessons learned so far from these challenging times.

At 6:02 min in, hear Catherine Cano share the experience of Covid 19 becoming a global pandemic.

"Ya, I'd been actually traveling for three weeks, and landing in Burkina Faso, a little small country in the west of the continent. They took our temperature, and gave us hand sanitizer. And it was funny for me because I had just spoken to the headquarter in Paris, where things were good, ya know, we had one or two cases... there was no sense of emergency. And then suddenly in those countries they were actually careful, preventive. So it told me that their instincts were right, And so, I came back to Paris and decided to create what we call a crisis cell."

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