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I’m excited to welcome this weeks guest, Claire Haidar. Claire is Co-founder and CEO of WNDYR and Pattyrn: two companies focused on shaping the world of work, through AI-driven data analysis of how and where teams work. Pattyrn is transforming organizations to work in ways that were inconceivable a mere few years ago.

Claire is also a Board member of UNICEF, talkSTEM and AccelerateHer - organizations that are making a monumental impact in working environments around the world, for humanity at large. We have so much to talk about!

At 8:36 hear Clair Haidar describe the girl that grew into the woman she is today!

"My little daugher recently called me an "earthotologist" - she literally made the word up in the moment, and she couldn't have been more accurate. Like, if you go back to my 9... 10 year old self, than I am the epitome of an "earthotologist." I hated wearing clothes. I had a fish pond in the back garden, and a huge huge avocado pear tree. And, I used to spend every waking hour, that I could, under this tree and in this fish pond. And I would climb this tree as high as I possible could to see how strong the branches were before they would start cracking."

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