Fatima Zaidi - Founder & CEO of Quill Inc.


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My impressive guest today is Fatima Zaidi. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quill Inc. - the world’s first one-stop marketplace, where podcasters can find pre-vetted expert freelancers! She is also the owner of the Listen In Conference, held in LA, that supports brands moving into podcasting.

Fatima is a member of the National Speakers Bureau, a commentator for BNN Bloomberg,. and a contributor to The Globe and Mail. She has won two Top 30 under 30 awards, the Young Professional of the Year by Notable Life, and one of Flare Magazine’s Top 100 Women. See? Impressive!

At 19:02 hear Fatima share her current thoughts on the pandemic

"Oh my goodness, everything is bugging me right now, I'd love to ya know, see my family again.... I cannot wait to walk down an isle and hear those magical words this is your captain speaking...lol. I think when all of this is over I'm gonna do a reverse quarantine, which mean, I'm not going home - ever! I think about all the plans that I used to turn down before all of this, and regret it , and I'll longfully... willfully think about those days, summer patio days and days at the cottage, but I would say right now I'm more or less feeling very grateful that this is almost over. I'm glad that all my friends and family are all healthy. That I think is the most important thing."

Check out the book! - Fearless: Girls with Dreams, Women with Visio

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