Having the Courage to Dream and Trust - With CEO Anna Crowe


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I'm so excited to welcome entrepreneur extraordinaire Anna Crowe. She is Founder and CEO of Crowe PR , an Amazon bestselling author and adjunct Marketing Professor at University of San Diego. She has numerous awards and achievements in her fascinating career, and I’m excited to get her insights on what’s she learned from working with iconic brands in New York, LA and San Diego, and so much more.

Hear what Anne wished she knew earlier at 23:22 min, "Well, this is gonna sound a little woo-woo, but I honestly wish I trusted the Universe more... earlier in life. Sometimes things don't work out as you intended, and you get disappointed, right, or you have a hard time dealing with it, or keeping your belief. But, I find that time and time again the Universe shows you the reason why something didn't work out. So, letting go of something when it didn't work out, sooner, not dwelling on it, and believing that something better - or different, is meant to be, or is intended for you, and it's right around the corner.... it's kind of like that old classic song ""Que Sera Sera "" what will be will be, right."

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