Kirstine Stewart - Head of Shaping the Future of Media, at the World Economic Forum


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This weeks guest has a bio that's so impressive, and she continues to dazzle - it's Kirstine Stewart! If her name sounds familiar it might be because she is a high profile media executive and author of the bestselling book: Our Turn.

She is currently the Head of Shaping the Future of Media at the World Economic Forum. She was formerly the Head of English language services at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Vice-President of Media at Twitter, and President and Chief Revenue Officer of name a few.

Kirstine is married to the Honourable Zaib Shaikh, the former star of Little Mosque on the Prairie, and the current consul general of Canada in Los Angeles.

At hear 17:35 Kirstine Stewart share a story about the right way to handle a sales deal.

"One of my earliest sales opportunities was to sell The Raccoons to Saudi Arabian television. They were willing to buy it site unseen, the BBC had just bought it, France 2 had just bought it, it was selling wildly globally, and it's a kids show - so should be relatively safe. But when I warned them that, ya know, given that they're a Muslim country, and that some of the main characters were pigs.... that they shouldn't be buying the same site unseen. That might want to consider that before doing so. I could have in that pitch made that sale immediately, but it was not the right deal to close. They said thank you very much, they did not buy the show, they came back later and bought a whole lotta other content afterwards anyways. So understanding what you client or audience needs is so important, and the authenticity means you're giving them what they need and what they want - and exactly that."

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