Laxmi Parthasarathy - Chief Operating Officer of Global Press


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My guest today joins us from Washington DC! She has many accolades in her very impressive career. She wears tons of hats, including: COO, author, mentor, founder, speaker, and passionate advocate. It's Laxmi Parthasarathy, Chief Operating Officer of Global Press.

She leads global operations across each Global Press brand, spearheads the global expansion strategy to build new bureaus, and develops new partnership strategies to bolster the organization's reach and long-term sustainability. Over her career, she has led initiatives at the intersection of media and development in Canada, India, Rwanda, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and the UK. And that’s just a small sampling of her many achievements!

At 17:59 Laxmi shares a story about her humble beginnings into the business world

"Ya know, when I was 10 I was doing all sorts of strange things. I started a leaf raking crew - is what we called it. I would gather everybody on our street and we'd start racking leaves and be so excited when we got five dollars. I'm not sure I knew what I was doing back then, but it was a fun way to be with friends and try to gather people together. and do something productive"

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