Leaning Into Fear - With Ice Climber Sarah Hueniken


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For those celebrating, Merry Christmas! I've got the perfect gift for you today - an inspiring guest who has a powerful story to share about testing your boundaries, chasing and achieving massive goals, and so much more! Her name is Sarah Hueniken and she is the founder and owner of Sarah Hueniken Guiding. She's been recognized in Canada as a top 100 most powerful woman, and I've had the great good fortune to share the virtual stage with her.

Listen till 10:21 to hear Sarah talk about her most memorable climb! " There's this - and it's ironic - it's for Christmas. But there was an ice climb called The Christmas Tree and it's in China. And from a distance, it looks like... it's really hard to even explain how this could happen, but because of the drip coming out the top of the drainage and the spray from the ice it actually forms what looks like this frozen Christmas tree. And both Will and I knew we had to go do that, and so, a few years ago we went to China to climb The Christmas Tree and I still remember coming around the corner, very curious what it would look like, and nothing prepared me for what that climb looked like."

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