Overcoming Toxic Emotions, With Author and Mindfulness Expert, Leah Guy


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My fearless expert today is Leah Guy. She has appeared on hundreds of top media outlets for her deep knowledge on meditation, the mind-body connection, energy medicine and emotional and spiritual healing. We need this now!

Leah has a new book out, Overcoming Toxic Emotions, A Practical Guide to Building Better Relationships with Yourself and Others. This book is for anyone wanting to have healthier and happier relationships… so everyone! She has more than two decades of experience in private practice, where she helps people transform their lives .. very excited for our conversation today.

At 20:47min hear Leah's advice for anyone frustrated in their spiritual journey.

"It's frustrating - and I know it's frustrating because, I too, have tried a million different therapies and techniques and teachers and so forth, and it can be frustrating that we feel - even in the world of holistic wellness - we feel everything so separate, ya know, and there's so much to offer. So, I would just say to anyone to use your discernment and your best judgement with, the teacher, the author, the platform - what ever you choose, and make sure that it feels authentic and good, because a lot of people say a lot of words... and a lot of it is kinda spiritual bypassing, if I may. So, we have to be careful for that because are we just looking for, ya know, a daily little pep talk, or are we looking for substance? And, those two things are quite different"

Check out the book! - Fearless: Girls with Dreams, Women with Vision

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