Reinvent Your Relationship To Food, With Dietitian Abby Langer


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Happy New Year! 2021 we have been waiting for you. As you begin to make your New Year's resolutions I have the perfect guest to help you with your nutrition goals. My guest today is Abby Langer, a food and nutrition expert, and the author of Good Food, Bad Diet. She's going to talk about the negative effects of diet culture, and how to gain a healthy relationship with food -and still lose weight!

At 6:47 you'll hear Abby explain the massive issue that's plaguing people's relationship with food. "This is the first thing I get people to do. So, if someone sits down with me and wants to lose weight, and I can see that they have sort of a negative relationship with food and their body. I ask them, how often do you say negative things to yourself about food and about your body? And, invariably they'll say, ya know I don't say it that often... once or twice a day. And so, what I get the person to do is, I get them to really make an effort to recognize each and every time they say something either out loud to themselves, or in their head, about their body that's negative. And almost a hundred percent of the time they'll come back and they'll say - I say these things to myself ALL DAY LONG!"

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