Speaking Up and Including Others - With How She Hustles Founder, Emily Mills


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I am so excited to welcome my guest today! A few words from a long list to describe her: trailblazer, changemaker, and inspirer.

I’m talking about Emily Mills, who has been recognized by WXN Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women, and Ryerson University’s Alumni Achievement Awards - to name a few.

Emily has brought women from the "How She Hustles" community to meet former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, and hosted a roundtable with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - to highlight a few. Emily founded "How She Hustles" in 2010 - and since then, she has created one of Canada’s leading social networks for diverse professional women – from entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the start-up ecosystem, to corporate professionals who are changing the leadership landscape.

Hear Emily share a beautiful message of gratitude at 29:23min.

"I've had some amazing things happen, some of them you mentioned - of course our time lines don't tell the whole story, our digital bios don't tell the whole story... but if I look at the sum of my life, I am so grateful. Man, there have been so many things, even the things that were hard as hell. I feel like my steps were divinely ordered. And I don't say that with arrogance, but with the utmost humility. Like, my life was designed for a reason - all of our lives were designed for a reason. And I guess I just feel even more aware of that - now more than ever."

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