The Importance Of Deep Listening with Dr. Pascale Fournier


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My guest today is incredible! I admire her so greatly for her knowledge, her passion, and her accomplishments. She is also page 96 in my Fearless book. Dr. Pascale Fournier is the President and CEO of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation - which is an independent and nonpartisan Canadian charity, established in 2001 to honour Pierre Elliott Trudeau's ideas and values.

At 31:35 Dr. Pascale Fournier talks about her personal journey, and how the foundation is helping to shape leadership. "When I was younger I was driven by activism and social change. And I wanted things to go fast, and I wanted to shake to structures and rebuild the structure... and so on. And with time I understood how complex it is. So, at the foundation, we build the leadership curriculum around leadership of self, leadership of others, and leadership of systems. And so first, you need to know yourself, and need to know and identify your own blinds spots. And at the same time as you do that work and that kind of journey, you need to know about others and what is you relationship when you communicate with others, and are you really into the deep listening mode - or are you paying lip service, right?

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