FOF #2992 - Eric Clements Lifts the Veil on Forgotten Punk Music


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In the 80s, music was vital in bringing young people together in a spirit of rebellion and counterculture. Punk and post-punk was huge and Chicago had its fair share of awesome rockers, some of whom have been forgotten until now.
Our story today begins with our neighbor and dear friend, Eric Clements, who discovered a giant box of cassette tapes at a thrift store.
Among the massive collection of pop music was a few cassettes of a band he never heard of called the Veil, whose rock music and strong lead vocals by Lorna Donley could easily have been played in rotation on MTV or featured in a soundtrack of a John Huges film.
Eric fell in love with the music and while he couldn’t find much information about the band at first, his detective work led him on a path of discovery.
Today writer Eric Clements joins us to talk about bringing the band Lorna Donley and The Veil back from the cultural abyss with a new release of music nobody ever heard until now.
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