FOF #2996 - Hot News: Adele, Britney, Sesame Street Banned and the RENT is Too Damn High


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It’s the podcast that always has a fire in its heart, but thankfully you can see a doctor about it, it’s Feast of Fun! Now celebrating 3000 shows and 16 years.
Today- it’s all sizzling, all hot news.
➤ An Australian TV host flies halfway across the world for an exclusive interview with Adele, only to have it canceled after he said he hadn't listened to her new album. The catch: the publicist never gave him the album to preview, so there was no way he could have heard it!
➤ Right wingers ban Sesame Street again, saying the legendary muppets like Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie are never welcome at their events or conferences.
➤ Britney is free to start trouble this time with Christina Aguilera. After thanking Lady Gaga for tweeting about her ending her conservatorship, Britney Spears posts negative comments about her Madonna kissing gal pal Christina Aguilera.
➤ The Rent is too damn high: Lin Manuel Miranda’s directed film Tick Tock Boom, the semi-autobiographical musical by playwright Jonathan Larson shocks people who thought Larson was gay and died from AIDS.
➤ California condors don’t need a man. They are making babies all by themselves.
➤ 91% of LGBT Folks are vaccinated against Covid and Gay American men have the highest rate of college education in the world.
➤ JK Rowling is not invited to Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, the recently announced 20th-anniversary retrospective that will air on HBO Max.

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