Incredibly Strange Christmas Music 2021 Live!


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There’s something irresistible about the Christmas season’s corny music that, just like a snowball thrown at a rich guy's top hat, deserves a little jingle jangle.
Today we continue our holiday tradition of presenting strange and twisted Christmas music we think you ought to hear.
Joining us is our pal Manny Petty for a live incredibly strange Christmas music session where Manny helps us parody some rotten Christmas songs. Fausto joins in on the act with a campy cover of our personal favorite Mae West holiday classic: Put the Loot in the Boot Santa.
➤ A Catholic bishop makes children scream with his shocking statement on Santa.
➤ Have no fear! La Befana, the Italian Christmas witch, who torments all children is usually a dude in drag.
➤ RuPaul’s Drag Race Italia has lots of drama.
➤ More folks are dressing up as sexy santas than ever.
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