The Great Linkbait Wars of 2021


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For the past 16 years we’ve been doing Feast of Fun, our end of the year show is sometimes called “The Year of Hell,” and while this year has been especially challenging, it hasn’t been all bad.
There’s been a boatload of amazing documentaries, films and TV shows with representation everywhere- even the Hallmark channel has movies with LGBTQ folks, Puerto Ricans or both!
And along with all the entertainment are thousands of linkbait articles pointing out how they all fail miserably. Is this just cultural criticism or divisive propaganda?
Thankfully, we have each other. We are your Covid safe entertainment.
Joining us to look back on the year are two of our favorite comedians we’ve had on the show, Matt Brown who now interviews Black divas on his Youtube channel and Dan Cass whose parody of Steve from Blues Clues really stroked our funny bone.
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