FOF #3000 - And the Feast Goes On


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It’s the 3000th episode of Feast of Fun, the Gay Talk Show that (accoring to Apple) “helped pave the way to bring podcasting from an underground movement to a mainstream phenomenon.”
Today we celebrate like a bridesmaid at a destination wedding who’s had way too much to drink. We are spilling all the delicious tea, iced of course and looking at how everyone’s lives have changed as a result of podcasting, the Internet and Feast of Fun.
A lot for you and me has changed:
Transgender and queer people of color visibility is at an all time high, PrEP is a pill that effectively blocks all new HIV infections, LGBTQ folks can now serve openly in the military, and most important, cake sitting activists finally brought marriage equality into reality.
But it’s not all been good news, the Internet and podcasting ushered in a new rise of facism, social media is used as a tool for disinformation and a global pandemic is in full swing as right wingers deny it even exists.
Over the years, we’ve had the honor and pleasure of chatting with legends like Debbie Reynolds, George Takei, RuPaul, Carol Channing, Elvira and everyday artists who rose to become some of the most celebrated entertainers in the world.
But this time, we’re putting ourselves in the hot seat, as we unlock some of the dark, dirty secrets hiding in our vault of horrors.

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