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You make choices every day. Every choice we make - big or small - affects the shape of our lives and the reality we live. But most of us were not taught how to make wise decisions.

We’ve been taught to be logical, and practical, but decisions about your life made from only the intellect often lead you to creating realties that limit you, burn you out, keep you from what you truly desire.

In changing, intense times like we live in, where we are each making choices - in our career, relationships, business, money and health - you cannot just rely on your intellect or what the mainstream world is telling you to make courageous and wise choices.

Many of the choices I see women being faced with right now are also causing us to have to stretch outside our comfort zones … which can create feelings of fear and doubt… confusion and procrastination… and stress!

If you want to make choices that lead to a reality that supports you vs sacrifices you, you have to access both your heart wisdom and intuitive power first … have the inner skill to work with your own fear and confusion to find clarity… and then have the courage to make choices that will often look differently than others. And for this you need super powers, truly.

Which is why I decided to create this 3 part series on Feminine Power Time for you “Making Wise Choices”.

This first episode is focused on one of the super power tools I believe is essential … but most people lack. It’s called “Cultivating Your Wisdom Council” — without this I don’t think it is possible to stay focused on what matters, and make truly wise choices.

So tune in … I taped this on location in Northern California at the home of one of my soul sisters on my Wise Woman Council. during a weekend in which I came to visit 3 of the members of my council to help me make some big choices about my business and organization, and the shape of the reality those choices would create.

What I will share today is:

  • Why you want to make WISE CHOICES vs. smart choices.
  • What is a wisdom council, and why do you want to make sure you have one?
  • How to create your own Wisdom Council
  • Who to have in your council and who not to
  • How to ask for the support and clarity you need so you get wisdom not advice. I also have two daring acts for you to put this into place in your life now.

Bring the choices and challenges you are facing ... and let's get you set up to have the support you need to stay clear and stay connected to what is true for you.

see you next week! much love,



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Post yours and be inspired by other courageous souls.

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