154: Embrace Your Power To Create the World You Desire to Live In (5th Anniversary Episode)


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I am so over the moon thrilled to be able to mark this point of the Feminine Power Time podcast with you - 5 years - with 5 being a number that signifies transformation. Which is the time we are in!

I have been contemplating for the past few weeks what this episode should focus on, how it can support you during this transformational times and how Feminine Power Time can be a structure, support and space for you.

The center point of Feminine Power Time has always been about embracing our power to create the world we desire to live in. For ourselves. For those we love, lead and influence. For what matters to you in this world.

It's my response to breaking through what keeps us from access our full wisdom and power.

It's a space I create for you to come weekly to turn off the chaos or chatter of the outside world, to more deeply tune into what is true and real and aligned for you.

It's a playground and a gathering place for us to explore different ways of being, living, leading and succeeding.

Whether you just found us or you have been here for years, I am grateful for our connection. I look forward to this special conversation with you.

Tune in.

We are just getting started .... in what it really means to embrace our power to create the world we desire to live in. What that means practically. What we need to support us to keep stepping forward. And how we do this TOGETHER.

With great heart



p.s. I will share the genesis story of how Feminine Power Time came to be.


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