156 Be a Maker of Culture: Embrace Your Power To Create the World You Desire to Live In(#2 of 3)


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Have you ever looked around at the world, an aspect of society, or the organization you work and felt like WTF !? This is not working for me. This seems crazy? Sometimes we feel empowered to 'do' something about it, and others, we feel overwhelmed, like there's nothing I can do to change this reality?

We have more power than we know.

As humans, we are 'makers' of culture.

We create the culture by how we grow & change ourselves, how we interact with others, what we choose to 'make' & the choices we make.

Here's a few wisdom bytes about our power to be 'makers' of the cultures we live in, from our own inner culture of self, to our family and tribe, to our teams and organizations and from there society.

  • We are the makers of culture - our family, our organizations, our teams, our society - through the choices we make in our lives, big and small.
  • Our reality and the world around us is like clay - we have the power to shape it. We don't make the clay, we work with the clay, and like a sculptor or potter, we let it inform us, we engage in a co-creative process with it.
  • We don't force it. We work with it. Or we start over and create a different piece. We have more power than we think, when we focus on where we can have the greatest influence, and choose not to waste our energy on where we don't.
  • We create the culture around us in and in this world by how we grow and change ourselves - how we 'make' and shape ourselves. The 'work' we do within the Self contributes to the evolution of the collective.

This wisdom is potent and practical, if you know how to apply it and use it.

Which is why we are doing this 3 part series, diving into 3 realms of where our power lies to do things differently, to be conscious creators of reality and culture and society and our lives. Archetypes we have within us that we can access to be and feel empowered to see where we can make shifts: the Mother, the Maker, & the Co-Creator.

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time with leadership advisor and social impact leader Christine Arylo: 156: Be a Maker of Culture: Embrace Your Power To Create the World You Desire to Live In and explore:

  • What does it mean to be a Maker?
  • What are you 'making' through your choices and through your own inner self expression?
  • How your courage to look within your Self honestly and then do the 'work' to heal and elevate on the inside is creating a better world
  • How to look at what you don't like in the world today or in the cultures around you, and find where that lives in you, and then embrace your power to do things differently
  • How to 'shape' your reality and become more adept at 'shaping' the realities you want to live.

One of the things I think you will really love after this conversation is starting to see how your choices just in your very own life have the power to shift this world, and the environments around you.

May this session ignite your power of Harmonic Defiance ... to make choices that align for you, even if they are different than those around you, choices that create more HARMONY for you and others, and as a result create a world in more harmony.

We'll end with a super powered way to make this practical in your life today.

See you there




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