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Chelsea Brennan is a contributing writer at Forbes, as well as the founder and host of Mamas Talk Money and Smart Money Mamas. Smart Money Mamas is a family finance website that helps mothers build wealth in alignment with their values and in ways that feel good to them. Chelsea's mission is to change the way that we talk about money so that women see it as a means of self-care, similar to going to the gym. She talks about financial concepts that seem overwhelming but are actually easy to do.

  • Women are conditioned from a young age to have an uncomfortable relationship with money. The things women want are generally treated as frivolous purchases, and things that bring them joy are considered bad expenses.
  • If you are dealing with deep-seated anxiety surrounding finances, you may want to see a professional called a money therapist. They have the specific training necessary to help you through emotional blocks caused by money.
  • While it’s essential to have serious conversations about money with your children, it’s equally important that your daily financial operations, decisions, language and even body language align with those conversations.
  • A family’s financial values are key to understanding what is most important to them, what their priorities and goals are, and what they want their money to do in the world.


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