AI in Insurance ft.Tractable and Zelros


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This is the 33rd episode of FintechFlow where we dive deep into artificial intelligence. AI is one of the most used buzzwords these days, and now we will look deeper into it to see how an insurance company could really utilize it. I have two guests representing two very different AI driven insurtech startups today. Both are trying to tackle a concrete business case on the insurace value chain and to prove that their AI solution is a complete game changer.

One of the startups, Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident & disaster recovery. Their AI looks at photos of damage and predicts repair costs.12 of the top 40 motor insurance companies worldwide are amongst their clients

and they have raised $55m in venture capital from world-leading VC funds.

The other company is Zelros. Their mission is to enable insurance players to revolutionize and re-enchant their relationship with their customers by letting them take ownership of AI.

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