Business of Design with Family Finances - interview with Ivan Muck


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Not one day passes by in the financial industry without hearing/reading or talking about design. It has become a trendy buzzword, but in reality it is much more. McKinsey released an in-depth report in October 2018 on the business value of design. This research revealed striking findings. They found a strong correlation between better design and superior business performance. The companies who were in top-quartile with their design increased their revenues and total returns to shareholders substantially faster than their peers over a five-year period. It seems like design have its affect regardless on the industry, as the previously mentioned findings were true in all three of the industries they looked at: medical technology, consumer goods, and retail banking. So we can say, that besides being a trendy buzzword, the potential for design-driven growth is enormous in both product- and service-based sectors. Today we will take a deeper look at design. We will discuss the value of design, how it could be created successfully, how can we measure it and what impact will it have. I have an awesome guest to discuss design with, as Iván Muck is by my side, who is co-founder and responsible for business development at Family Finances. Family Finances is a fintech startup offering design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial institutions with a special focus on younger customers, including off-the-shelf solutions that are all easy to integrate and white-label as well as an end-to-end service from UX research, through UX/UI design to implementation. #design #designthinking #designmetodologies #UX #UI #familyfinances #fitnech #youthbanking #fintechflow #followtheflow #podcast #sg #sgalle

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