Do not go global, start global - Brokerchooser's international journey


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Last week on episode 11 we explored the best strategy for startups who want to take their B2B business abroad. In this week's episode of FintechFlow we again dive into international business development, but this time from a B2C point of view.

If you stay with us, you can expect some insights into one of the few Hungarian fintech startups that were brave enough to dream big and follow a global B2C strategy. The guys will give you some spot on tips and advice that could help build your own startup. They will also open up about some emotionally difficult situations through their journey and share their success stories and some failures as well, for example how they almost destroyed everything with a tweet.

My guests are the founders of Brokerchooser: Tibor Bedő, CEO and Gergely Korpos CPO. Brokerchooser helps independent investors to find the online broker best suiting their needs. Brokerchooser stands out from many startups in the Hungarian landscape in the sense of going global since the very beginning and having a B2C business model.

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