4 Most Important Post-Covid Trends For Insurers with Roger Peverelli


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In 2020 Covid-19 fundamentally reshaped our world and our lives. Where we work, how we shop, what we wear, how we celebrate, how we greet each other, how much lipstick we use, where we do/do not go on holiday, how and if we go to conferences. Basically it really has impacted everything from micro to macro. Not just every person but every industry also have to face a different future. In this episode we will look into the most important post-covid trends that will reshape the insurance industry.

I am honoured to have a returning guest, Roger Peverelli. Roger is a sought-after speaker, a best-selling author, an expert in digital innovation and customer engagement strategies. He is also the co-founder of the Digital Insurance Agenda, which is the best organized insurance-related even I have ever experienced. Roger is listed on the global top 50 insurtech influencers.



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