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The insurance sector is facing similar challenges as the banking sector. Insurtech companies are ready to enter the insurance market and use technology to disrupt it. The big techs are also knocking on the door of this multi-trillion dollar industry. That makes insurance companies opened to the idea of open innovation, embracing the outside in method. In this episode of FintechFlow we will look into an interesting model of open innovation on the insurance field.

My guest today is Krisztián Kurtisz, CEO of Uniqa Hungary, who strongly believes that insurance could be made much better. The startup that was born for this task is CHERRISK, the insurance platform of the future. Krisztián is also CEO of CHERRISK. Krisztián, welcome to FintechFlow!

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Next time we will again talk about open innovation, but from human resource point of view. Until then, stay tuned and follow the flow!



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