Speed is the Best Risk Management - Nick Suhr (KASKO Insurtech) interview


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The insurance sector is facing similar challenges as the banking sector. While fintech companies are here to bring changes in banking and in our everyday lives, insurtechs are ready to enter the insurance market and use technology to disrupt it. These tech savvy players are developing innovative products, which they deliver digitally and in a fraction of the time.

While a couple years ago insurtechs and incumbent insurance companies were considered competitors, and the question was who would win the race, today collaboration seems to be the key word.

In this episode of FintechFlow we will discuss what is the reasoning behind seeking this collaboration between insurers and insurtechs. We will also discover how a traditional big financial institution as an insurance company carryying all its legacy can work successfully together with the small, tech-savvy design thinking startups?

Today I have an awesome guest to discuss all this, he is Nick Suhr, co-founder and CEO of Kasko.

Kasko is an insurtech as a service company who desings, distributes and runs digital insurance products for any distribution channel. They enable big insurance companies to create value proposition to their customers in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the costs, or as they put it: "they enable oil tankers to move like speed boats." Not only their work but their list of awards also show that they are really here to make an impact. Just to mention one: Kasko was selected as best outsourced partner of

2017 at Digital Post's Digital and insurtech Awards. So I am sure Nick is the best person to help me get around how a cooperation between insurers and insurtechs can be successful.








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