Startup Collaboration - The HR Angle


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According to KPMG's report on The future of HR, 4 in 10 HR leaders state that workplace culture remains a top barrier to digital transformation and 70% of HR executives recognizes the need for workforce transformation.

If we look into the financial scene, this need of cultural change could be considered inevitable in order to compete with fintechs and bigtechs. The task-oriented work culture should be turned into a more innovative and experimental workforce.

This is the 24th episode of FintechFlow and today we will discuss the HR angle of collaborating with start-ups. We will try and discover how HR could help to make these collaborations successful and what are the additional benefits these could bring to a big financial institution and to a startup.

For this episode I partnered up with Nestholma , an international organization that helps startups and large corporations to work and build businesses together. They have organized more than 25 collaboration programs so far in 10 countries.

I have two amazing guests for todays topic. Virpi Jalonen is here with us who is Renewal Strategist of Nestholma, coach and entrepreneur with background in various HR and development roles both in big corporations and startups. We also have Rudolf Vogl with us, who is former head of corporate HR at Raiffeisenbank International, now independent HR advisor for connecting business and people.






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