The Most Interesting Man in Insurance - Rob Galbraith interview


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This is the 26th episode of FintechFlow which is brought to you by Magic of Innovation, which is a conference about insurance and innovation. On this episode I will be talking with Rob Galbraith, the most interesting man in insurance, who came over to the conference from the US.

I am in Wien at the MOI conference and talking with Rob Galbraith, author of the book: The end of insurance as we know it. Rob was names as “the most interesting man in insurance by Nick

Lamparelli and he has been ranked as high as ne 6 on the insurtech london top 100 influencers.

In your book you talk about the fact that regulation, reams of customer data and brand recognition make insurance harder to conquer for insurtech startups. But you say this time is different, and now the industry will be disrupted. What makes you think that?

You also say in your book that insurance leaders are undeprepared for the size, scale and speed of the change that is to come. How do you think we should prepare?

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