Nanotechnology in Mental Health Research & Leveraging Brain-computer Interface Tech in Society: The Projects of Faith Inello, Jack Bodell & Navid Nathoo of The Knowledge Society


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On this episode of First Name Basis we get absolutely schooled by teenagers. In his first podcast with the "kids" of The Knowledge Society (TKS) and Founder Navid Nathoo, TribalScale CEO Sheetal Jaitly learns what students Faith Inello & Jack Bodell are working on, and how they are undoubtably two minds to change the world. At 16 and 17 years old, Faith and Jack have mastered the "Boss Mentality" when starting their own businesses. From seeking to alleviate mental suffering via nanotechnology to leveraging brain-computer interface tech into daily life, this is a conversation that left us speechless. What's the mindset to achieve anything you set your heart to? How do we expand our minds? How does one achieve all this before the ripe old age of 20? "Uncertainty is not risk" says Founder Navid Nathoo, and it's all about having that "Boss Mentality". Hear from the brightest young minds of our generation in this special feature of First Name Basis.

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