Transformation in Dubai: A Design Thinking & Strategy Journey with Eman Faiz, Senior Product Designer & Bevinash Mohabeer, Product Design Manager, TribalScale


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Senior Product Designer Eman Faiz is joined by Bevinash Mohabeer, Product Design Manager at TribalScale Dubai for this episode of First Name Basis! These two worked with one of the biggest shipping/cargo enterprises in the UAE for four months, and they share their learnings, challenges, and overall takeaways from a Design Transformation journey in Dubai. From marrying scrum with design work, internal processes, design thinking workshops, strategy, and the magic of post it notes and sharpies, in four months these two learned more about Design Strategy and processes than they could have imagined. With changing client requirements week by week, working with Engineers, testing, and facing doubts that turned into successful outcomes, we hear how a project that was not originally one became a transformation journey.

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