Using Tech to Revolutionize Healthcare Systems with Dr. Daniel Pepe, MD & Dr. Puneet Seth, MD


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TribalScale's CEO Sheetal Jaitly is joined by Dr. Daniel Pepe, Family Physician, London Lambeth Medical Clinic & Dr. Puneet Seth, President of InputHealth, for this influential and momentous episode. We're given the full lowdown on InputHealth's technology and mission to connect patient's to their healthcare system. From the idea's conception from a single tweet to this system being implemented across entire regional healthcare establishments in Ontario, Daniel & Seth are working not just on the frontlines during this COVID-19 Pandemic but behind the scenes, implementing a ground-breaking way to have physicians virtually assess patients, for patients to virtually monitor their symptoms, and all around, to completely revolutionize our healthcare system for the future.

Learn about the 12,000 and counting people who have used InputHealth's online assessment tool, how they handle data privacy, and what really gives both doctors hope at a time like this.

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