83. Dr. Jeffrey Rediger | Harvard Physician, Psychiatrist, and Theologian on How the Incurable Beat Their Illness and Heal Themselves Without Miracles


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Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv, is a physician, bestselling author, and popular speaker. He is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Medical Director of McLean SE Adult Psychiatry and Community Affairs at McLean Hospital. A licensed physician and board-certified psychiatrist, he also has a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

His best-selling book, Cured: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life, uncovers his research with remarkable individuals who have recovered from incurable illnesses.

In this episode, we dive deeper into a variety of topics with Dr. Jeff Rediger: What inspired him to embark on this journey, miraculous healing, how we can apply this in our life, and much more.

In Episode 83, you will learn:
00:00 Intro
01:51 Dr. Jeff Rediger’s Journey
8:03 How to Appropriately View Life - Pursuing Objective Truth
16:20 The Pursuit of Life
18:23 The Idea of Miraculous Healing - How can we pull this into our lives
41:02 How to Become the CEO of Your Body
1:08:03 The Early Stages of the Internet Era
1:20:15 Closing Thoughts



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