Flower Power Garden Hour 80: Farouche Peppers


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Eight foot tall peppers? Yep -- this is how Jeremy from Farouche Peppers grows his amazingly beautiful peppers. Not only does he breed gorgeous, tasty peppers -- but he knows how to grow for production. Learn how his sustainable, organic approach arose from his need to feed the soil on a budget. I talk to Jeremy about what it takes to breed peppers, what his ultimate pepper goal is and what his tips are for growing for a large bounty. Definitely follow Jeremy’s Instagram for incredible peppers images – out of this world! And you can buy these unequaled, unique peppers on his Etsy page. With names like these, you can't go wrong: Castrophany, Peach Scorpion, 7 Pot Panther, Pockmark Peach, Ghost hybrids, Sugar Rush, Dark Olive Nagabrain, Pink Tiger, Pink Submarine, Carolina Reaper, Ghor-Pion habanero, Chihuacle Negro, 7 Pot Ghost, Peach Gum Tiger, Yellow Submarine, BubbleGum Nagabrain, Purple Tiger....

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Etsy: Farouche

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