Flower Power Garden Hour 94: Jan Johnsen – Landscape Designer & Author


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Award winning landscape designer Jan Johnsen has been creating magical landscapes for years. She has taken her vast knowledge/eye for design and has written an educational book entitled ‘Floratopia’. I talk to Jan about which flowers are fail-proof in containers, how to use texture/color and her years of designing all around the world. Check out her new book as well as others she has written -- ‘Floratopia’, ‘Gardentopia’, ‘The Spirit of Stone’, and ‘Heaven is a Garden’. She can be found on social media at the following places:

Website: Johnsenlandscapes.com

Instagram: @johnsendesign

Facebook: serenityinthegardenblog

Facebook: heavenisagarden

Jan’s newest book, ‘Floratopia’, can be found here.

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