Flower Power Garden Hour 76: Katie Vaz, author of My Life In Plants


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A single scent of a blossom may evoke past experiences, as plants have been present in pivotal moments in many people’s lives. I sit down with illustrator and writer Katie Vaz and talk about her book My Life in Plants: Flowers I’ve Loved, Herbs I’ve Grown and Houseplants I’ve Killed on The Way to Finding Myself . This funny, poignant, feel good book details all the plants that have been there in Katie’s life from the death of her father, to breakups, to feel good moments. This is a book we can all relate to. Our discussion covers a multitude of topics, as we talk about plants safe for cats and why it may not be best to buy plants over cut flowers for funerals.

Katie and her book can be found below at:

Amazon: My Life in Plants

Etsy: katievaz

Instagram: katiemarievaz

website: katievaz.com

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