Lightweight Isolates in Flutter and Dart with Maksim Lin


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In this episode, I talked to Maksim Lin. Maks is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter, and he’s an Android and Flutter Developer. He’s a passionate contributor, user, and supporter of open-source software. He’s also a regular speaker at technical conferences and local developer group meetups.

Today, we are going to talk about isolates, isolate groups, the actor model, improvements and limitations of isolates, concurrency, and we will even talk a little bit about "the soul of Erlang and Elixir".

It’s Maks’s second episode on the Flutter 101 podcast. In Episode 21, Maks and I were talking about WebAssembly, Dart, and his Dart-WASM project. In both episodes, I had these "wow" moments, as I realized how important WebAssembly will become in the coming years in software development, I had these "wow" moments, as I realized the potential behind the improvements to the Isolates, how the isolates make Dart such a powerful language... so I really hope that you will be just as excited when you are listening to this episode as I was when we recorded it.

Guest: Maksim Lin

Host: Vince Varga

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