S2E2: 2| Are Diamonds Forever


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We delve deeper into the machinations of the diamond sale and how the transaction seemed above board but then things began to go horribly wrong. Sally returns from her trip, thinking that there was some kind of mistake with the bank and that the issue with the payment should be able to be easily sorted out. Sally begins to communicate with Tiffany to try to solve the problem.

'Fool Me Twice: All About Diamonds'

‘Fool Me Twice’ is a true crime podcast about diamonds. Jules and Zara were approached by a woman in Hong Kong who owns a diamond business, and had an incredibly compelling story to tell, full of twists and turns. Hearing her story, Zara became interested in diamonds themselves, and started doing some digging. This podcast follows the story of that scam, and attempts to unravel some of the shadier aspects of the diamond industry as a whole. We interview people related to the scam, a diamond miner, scam experts and individuals with their own personal diamond stories. This 8-episode true crime podcast will have you on the edge of your seat.

By Zara Hannaford and Jules Hannaford.

Featuring Sally Ryder from Ryder Diamonds. Thanks to all of our voice actors, experts and storytellers. We appreciate your contributions to our podcast. Thanks to Shayde Furlong for his brilliant sound design and Auscast Network for all their support.

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