FAI January 2018 Podcast: Long-Term Follow-up of Capsular Interposition Arthroplasty for Hallux Rigidus


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Capsular interposition arthroplasty is a joint- and motion-sparing procedure that has been shown as an effective alternative to fusion. This study aimed to evaluate patient function and satisfaction after long-term follow-up.

The mean VAS for pain was 7.9 preoperatively and 1.8 postoperatively (P = .003). The mean preoperative SF-12 physical score was 42.0 vs 64.2 postoperatively (P = .02). The mean preoperative SF-12 mental score was 50.7, while the postoperative SF-12 mental score was 54.6 (P = .01). The total FFI score also significantly improved, with a preoperative value of 98.3 and a postoperative mean score of 49.6 (P = .001). The mean patient satisfaction score was 7.4 of 10. Overall, 39 of 42 patients (92.9%) stated they would have the surgery again. Four of the 42 patients (9.5%) required conversion to hallux metatarsophalangeal fusion at a mean of 6.1 years after the index procedure secondary to pain, but no other complications were reported.

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