FAI September 2021 Podcast: Weightbearing Radiographs Reliably Predict Normal Ankle Congruence in Weber B/SER2 and 4a Fractures: A Prospective Case-Control Study


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In Weber B/SER2-4 ankle fractures, assessment with weightbearing radiographs to ascertain stability of the ankle mortise has been advised. However, no previous studies report whether this method leads to preservation of normal ankle congruence. The purpose is to evaluate equivalence of ankle congruence of injured ankles after fracture union, vs the uninjured side, for stable SER2 and partially unstable SER4a fracture types.

In conclusion, assessment of stability of Weber B SER2/4a ankle fractures, with weightbearing radiographs, also predicts preservation of normal ankle congruence in those deemed stable, with no difference between SER2 and SER4a fracture types. Further, excellent reproducibility of the method of obtaining medial clear space measurements was demonstrated.

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