065: Traits of the Level 3 Leader


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You can’t help but be aware of the leadership, lack of leadership, and the leadership inconsistencies that we’ve seen recently here in America.

Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum (or political awareness spectrum), the recent events have been part of everyone’s consciousness.

I’m not talking politics in this episode but we can all take leadership lessons from the events that have occurred.

This week, you don’t want to miss diving into:

  • Who you have to lead first to be successful
  • The question of whether mastery is attainable
  • A surprising twist to looking at richness in business
  • How love actually is leadership
  • Why being called to be generous isn’t necessarily talking about money

And, you’ll hear how exemplifying the characteristics of a Level 3 Leader can transform your business...and, dare I say, the world?

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