071: Puzzle Pieces Coming Together | Bobby Klinck & Katie Chase


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Ever heard: “When people pay, they pay attention” or “The transformation is in the transaction”?

That’s just one of the myths that we’re busting in the next 2 episodes of For Love of Team. I’m joined by the powerhouse duo of Team Klinck - Bobby Klinck and Katie Chase. Bobby is the founder/visionary and Katie is the integrator and team lead for the business.

The three of us take a deep dive into everything team - including the 2 different times Bobby’s peers told him that he was making a big mistake in who he hired and how he paid them...and what happened when he ignored them all.

And we explore how Bobby and Katie work together to develop a team of individuals who are excited to work for Team Klinck, are proud of the work they’re doing, and who support the vision wholeheartedly.

In this conversation, you’ll get:

  • One way online marketers have been playing a never-ending game of “telephone” and how you can stop it
  • The joy of building a team you love when the “puzzle pieces just fit together”
  • The answer to the age-old question of the chicken or the egg when it’s time to build your team
  • Exactly how the visionary and integrator work together to build and integrate the team
  • How the best team members support each other to focus on the vision and feel safe at work
  • When to go against common wisdom to grow your business
  • The ONE word you have to coach your team to use!
  • What happens when your team isn’t just a cog in the business but is actually part of it
  • The 3 personalities that you need in a business
  • Core values aren’t just about how you run your business and what offers you have...it’s also how you treat each other

And, tune in next week to hear about how Bobby pranked his entire audience during his live event and what happened afterward.
Link: BobbyKlinck.com

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