074: Shared Mission | Matthew Purkey | United Way of Allen County


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When your organization is tasked with taking care of the community’s needs, it seems obvious where your focus should be.

But listen to my conversation with Matthew Purkey, CEO of United Way of Allen County, and his For Love of Team story and you’ll hear some surprising things.

“Instead of focusing on all the community needs, I focused on the team and the team took care of the community needs.”

That sounds like For Love of Team to me!

Tune into this episode and you’ll get:

  • The 2 surprising leadership options a teacher gave Matthew
  • The lessons from serving in the Marine Corps that easily translated to civilian life
  • The cliche business word that actually drives leadership excellence
  • How overcomplicating our work can lead to crisis
  • What you need to focus on for long-term success
  • How serving our team internally led to massive outward results
  • Why measuring success might be the wrong measure in your business
  • Listening to the community and telling the community are 2 different things
  • Why you never want to say, “I wasn’t here when that decision was made”
  • How to clearly communicate the organization’s priorities to the team
  • Having a big “why” is critical for mission success
  • Moving beyond transactions to relationships

And you’ll hear the For Love of Team retreat options and why making the investment today will serve you for years to come.
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